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You website is the first aspect of your brand that people see. Their experience with your brand starts with your website.

A solid, well-planned and well-executed website can set you apart from your competition, drive bottom line value, and make you the star of the show. We at WP Design Solutions have experience in website designing and development. We specialise in WordPress websites. You should know that WordPress powers more that 35% or websites in the world. You can rely on it.  

WP Design Solutions
WP Design Services

There are millions of reasons why you should work with us on a WordPress website. WordPress manages about 40% of websites on the internet around the world. You can trust its framework.  This means we can create a cheap we create a cheap website for you on a CMS which is being used by the best and greatest websites. And as you will see, we are the cheapest you will ever find.

There aren’t too many agencies that can claim to have been charting the digital landscape for as long as us. Whether you’re looking for someone to upgrade, troubleshoot, redesign or completely rebuild your WordPress website, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re just really not sure what you need, we can help you with that too!

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Web Hosting Services

SiteGround is a reliable and scalable hosting solution to suit a broad range of personal and organisational website hosting needs.

Your choice of web hosting provider can have important implications for the reliability and future scalability of your website. Making the right decision from the outset can save you a world of pain later. We at WP Design Solutions help you make this decision.

At WP Design Solutions, we recommend hosting with SiteGround, particularly for websites built on platforms such as WordPress.

The key benefits of SiteGround hosting are:

  • Control – high level of control over the hosting environment.
  • Flexibility – high degree of flexibility in terms of changing the memory, RAM and compute power.
  • Security – provides a high degree of security 
  • Scalability – can be easily scaled up – or down – to deal with traffic spikes

 The last thing you want is to have your website down when it should be there representing your business and brand seamlessly. Most website hosting companies will promise you heaven on earth with cheap prices but you need to be ready for down times.

How we do it

There are two ways we can help you. You can open your own web hosting account and using our coupon code, you will automatically get a discount for your first purchase. The second way, you can host on our shared agency account. Hosting on your own SiteGround account gives you more room and flexibility to add more websites for free in the future. Using our agency means we can always monitor your website from hosing point of view.

WP Design Services

SiteGround Hosting Services


$6.99/mo. Discounted from $14.99/mo.


$9.99/mo. Discounted from $24.99/mo.


$14.99/mo. Discounted from $39.99/mo.

We do not control the SiteGround pricing. Prices are subject to change. You need to check the official website for latest prices.

SiteGround Hosting Discount

We have a discount from SiteGround sharred hosting. If you buy your hosting service using our link, you will get a discount from SiteGround automatically. Instead of paying 14.99/mo for the StartUp plan, you will only pay $6.99/mo, instead of paying $24.99 for the GrowBig plan, you will 9.99/mo, and finally if you choose the GoGeek plan, you will pay $14.99/mo instead of $39.99/mo.

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Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We at WP Design Solutions offer beyond the delivery maintenance to clients who wish to add that service.

It is important for clients who are not familiar with the way websites work to understand that a website is like a car. Its needs servicing.

Here at WP Design Solutions, we don’t aim to just drop you the website and leave you alone to navigate through issues that may arise after.

We’d much rather be on the journey with you, helping you take your digital assets to new heights and being there to support you if things ever go wrong.

 And if something goes wrong, you want to know that there’s someone there who’s got your back, someone who can help you get things back on track without delay. If you partner with us on an ongoing basis, you can also be sure that you’ll be kept in the loop with the latest advancements in technology. 

How we do it

Our ongoing support and maintenance is tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. Some of the services we can offer as part of an ongoing support plan include:

  • a dedicated on-site developer on a part-time basis to complement your internal resources 
  • business user support via phone, email and/or in person
  • management of maintenance requests
  • management of bugs and issues
  • CMS support and training
  • proactive maintenance activities 
  • proactive continuous improvement activities
  • monthly reporting
  • monthly activity recommendations
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